Website will have unique images for all our higher end cards!

Posted by Anthony Lee on

We are going through the cards and updating the images from the stock images we've been using to the images of the actual card.

When we started this website we only ever thought we'd be selling brand new cards straight from packs. How times and the hobby have changed. 
We meant to do this from the start but with the lockdown and uploading thousands of cards to the website in the last couple of months some cards got missed.
If you are looking at higher end cards generally the price reflects it's condition. We work hard to make sure our online selection reflects the instore one, but you need to see the quality of the used cards before you buy them like you would instore so we are moving towards every card having a unique image.
Unique images are easy to spot as they have a black background. We are always happy to send photo's of the cards if you want to see anything before buying just email or call.

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