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Posted by Anthony Lee on

We are always interested in buying Pokemon and Yu-gi-oh cards. Anything from a single card to your complete collection. If you want to sell or trade in your cards, the best thing to do is to call instore to our Manchester store. There's usually someone there who can give you a price on the spot. If you are thinking of bringing in your cards, the best thing to do is to to call Anthony on 0798-2232437 to make sure there's someone there who can deal with buying a collection.

Please don't call instore with a Pokemon or Yu-gi-oh collection in the middle of a Saturday without phoning first, as we are usually really busy and we may not be able to give you a price while you wait. You may have to leave them with us and call back later. 

Things that make your visit go quicker is to sort the cards out before you call.

If the cards are in boxes or tins then if you seperate the rare cards from common and uncommon cards (for Pokemon cards) then we can go through them much quicker when we are checking.

If the cards are in folders or pages please make sure that you've removed the rarer cards, as we don't want to miss rare cards hidden behind common ones.

Please make sure that you bring some ID with you, ideally something with your home address to prove your identity.  We need this due to money laundering laws.

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